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Job to Writing Guidelines
Jeanetta Chrystie, Managing Editor
E-mail: editor @

Writing Guidelines

PURPOSE: To encourage, inspire, and assist people through job/career transitions.

NEEDS: (See below for links to genre-specific guidelines.)

  1. Articles: Job hunting or career change best practices, technology tips, coping with change, handling stress, managing your time, and other helpful topics for our audience.
  2. Book Reviews on books about jobs/careers, change, leadership, ministry, purpose. Query before submission. Book reviews are assigned based on queries (someone may have requested to review a particular book between web updates).
  3. Devotions that encourage, inspire, and teach (not preach) our web site readers.
  4. Photography and Art: that speaks to the circumstances or struggles of our audience.
  5. Poetry about inspiration, purpose, change, learning, and other topics for our audience.
    6. Quotations, Humor, Cartoons: positive tone about change, purpose, ministry, work, and similar topics.
  6. Share Your Success: Share about a learning experience you had with a job/career transition. Query before submission.

Query for: Book Reviews and Share Your Success stories.
E-Cards: Art, Cartoons, Photographs and Poems may also be selected for free e-cards.


  • Electronic submissions only, as an attachment to an e-mail.
  • Also attach: a brief (25-75 word) BIO, and your photo for Our Author’s Page.
  • We can read a variety of word processing file types, including:
    • Microsoft Word, both Word.doc and Word.docx files
    • Sun’s free OpenOffice suite’s OpenOffice.odp files (see )
    • WordPerfect.wpd files
    • Works.wps files
    • Word.rtf (however we prefer .doc or .docx files)
    • Do NOT send Adobe.pdf files, we need to format the content for our web site.


  1. Articles, 450-850 words
  2. Book Reviews, 400-800 words
  3. Devotions, 250-450 words
  4. Share Your Success stories, 500-800 words


Electronic rights; with first or reprint rights for e-card content.

Links to Genre-Specific Guidelines:

1 Article Guidelines Web Link PDF
2 APA Primer for Guidelines Web Link PDF
3 Book Review Guidelines Web Link PDF
4 Book Review Wanted List Web Link PDF
5 Devotion Guidelines Web Link PDF
6 Photography/Art Guidelines Web Link PDF
7 Poetry Guidelines Web Link PDF
8 Quotations /Humor/Cartoons Web Link PDF
9 Share Your Success Guidelines Web Link


If you do not see a specific guidelines sheet, but think you have an idea that will benefit our readers; then send us a Query by e-mail.












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