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Job to Joy.US - 15 Success Phrases
What do we mean by the term “Success Phrases”?

Put simply, they are little phrases that teach or remind us of important concepts for our success in life. Some are quotations, some Bible verses, some are from poems, and some are new thoughts to ponder and apply to our lives.

For example, author Bruce Wilkinson says, “Inside our Comfort Zone, we feel safe. We’re pretty sure we can succeed, look good, and feel happy there… Outside everyone’s Comfort Zone lies the great Unknown.” Wilkinson goes to describe why our Comfort Zone may be fine, but it may also become a barrier to reaching our real Dream for our lives.

Watch for more information about any books from which our success phrases are quoted under our Resources tab in Book Review.

Success Phrases we plan to look at will include:
1. Attitudes
2. Excerpts from books and stories
3. Excepts from poems and speeches
4. Scripture Verses
5. Well-known Quotations


Bruce Wilkinson with David & Heather Kopp, “The Dream Giver;” Sisters, Oregon: Multnomah Publishers, 2003, pgs 88-89.


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