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Ada Brownell, a retired newspaper reporter, is author of more than 200 articles and stories in Christian publications, and one article in US Magazine. Her book, Confessions of a Pentecostal, was published by Radiant Books (1978). She has chapters in 50 Tough Questions (Gospel Publishing House, 2002); What I Learned from God While Cooking (Barbour, 2006); Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers (F&W Publications 2008); and Cup of Comfort for Christians, (F&W Publications, 2006). She is is critique group chairman of Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers.
John Christopher grew up in Arkansas for most of my life, enjoying the outdoors, warm weather, and polite southern hospitality. In 2005 I moved to Pennsylvania where I still live today. I'm happily married with a table full of wonderful children. I have served as pastor for several years in three churches, while also earning my Master of Divinity degree. I currently serve as guest speaker in various churches and prisons. So far I've written Thoughts of a Modern-Day Sojourner, a book of devotionals. Although I hope to someday write more books, my greatest work will always be in my prison ministry.
Jeanetta Chrystie is a freelance writer and speaker. She has sold more than 500 articles, 200 newspaper and newsletter columns, and 50 poems; which have appeared in Mature Years, Christian History, Clubhouse, and numerous other publications. She founded the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers ( and teaches online courses for Southwest Minnesota State University. She and her husband enjoy gardening, Skype with their grandchildren, and snuggling by the fireplace or on the porch swing.
Cindy Evans is an author and professional temp who works in the greater Atlanta area. She and her husband of eleven sweet years relocated from Indianapolis. She enjoys writing, walking, traveling, eating out, church activities, inspirational movies and time with friends.
Tania Gray is a retired art teacher who enjoys painting and drawing, as well as writing poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. Tania is a founding member of the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers (, and serves as their Hospitality Coordinator; she is also a past president of the Missouri State Poetry Society.
Lydia E. Harris is a freelance writer in Seattle, WA. Her recent book, “Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting” is a Bible study for those who love children. See her web site at and comment on her blog. She volunteered in the Moms In Touch International prayer ministry and continues to pray for her adult children and grandchildren. Her book reviews, articles, devotionals, and columns have appeared in numerous publications including LifeWise, The Standard, and Advanced Christian Writer. Her column, “A Cup of Tea with Lydia,” is published across the U.S. and Canada.
Dr. Muriel Larson has had 17 books published and serves as an E-Mail counselor to troubled people all over the world for Truth Media. See:
Carol Levergood and husband, Bill, were missionaries for 21 years in beautiful Brazil. As Carol speaks or writes she gives God the glory for what He has, and is, doing in her life. She has written several books of short stories and illustrations. Some of these are tropical in flavor or American everyday life. Each presenting a Biblical truth either humorously or witty in nature. You can find her books at
International speaker, teachers, and author, Terry Engel Magness, is president of Grace Harbour Ministries and a certified pastoral counselor in Springfield, Missouri. She gives Grace Workshops and speaks to conferences. Her books include Ever Increasing Grace and Azadiah Reynolds: God’s Jamaica Man.
John Pennell is a prolific poet that delights in sharing his poetry with friends, family, and even bill collectors! He recently partnered with local Christian universities to host an “unwed lyrics” contest for students to his selected poems to music for a monetary prize. He serves as the devotions leader for the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers (
Terrie Thorpe: Freelance writer and author. Author of: Am I Really Saved? Answering Questions of Christians, available December 2010. Her Blog: “Light For The Journey” at ( encourages people in their Christian walk of faith. Terrie regularly contributes articles to her home church's web site, serves in its Children's Ministry & Music Ministry. She continues to serve the Lord with the gifts and abilities that he has given. Terrie is a member of the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers, and American Christian Writers's national group, and other Christian writing organizations.
Susan Willingham is an office professional at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. She is Editor of the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writer’s newsletter (, has written several “Grammar Guru” and “World of Words” columns, and serves as Music Secretary at her church.
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