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Our Vision

Job To Joy is being formed in response to a felt need for a uniquely Christian atmosphere to encourage and inspire people who are undergoing, or considering, a job or career change. As Christians, this is a place to come together to help and encouragement one another through difficult times of job and career transitions, develop or improve job search skills, to enhance our ministry skills, and to spur our continued Christian growth.

Come enjoy a distinctive fellowship & focus on living Christ-centered lives with other Christian pilgrims during job and career transitions, where encouragement and information is provided.

Mission Statement

Job To Joy is a Christian-based web site providing:

Goal 1 – Information, Resources, and Job Hunt Tips
Goal 2 - Encouragement through Transition Times
Goal 3 – Ideas for Improving Your Career Success Potential
Goal 4 – Inspiration through Christian devotions and other Christ-based resources
Goal 5 – A Venue for Sharing Your God-Moment Testimonies

Purpose Statement

The primary focus of Job To Joy is to:

  • Encourage people who are experiencing job and career changes: Our goal is to provide career resource information and links to job search sites and other helpful online resources for job seekers, and to develop professional job and career search skills that honor God. (Goals 1 and 3)
  • Grow together in our relationships with God and with each other: Our goal is to encourage one another to live Christian lives during times of transition as we seek God's will for our abilities and talents. (Goals 2, 4, and 5)

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